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Professor Soh and his collaborators Professors Adam Eck and Prashant Doshi have published a research article on agent decision making in open environments: Eck, A., L.-K. Soh, and P. Doshi (2023). Decision Making in Open Agent Systems, AI Magazine, pp. 1-16, Video:


The Computational Creativity Exercises team has published the final paper documenting their work on how student learn about CS. This paper is about the relationship between implicit intelligence beliefs and self-regulation of learning. Flanigan, A. E., M. Peteranetz, D. Shell, and L.-K. Soh (2023). Relationship between Implicit Intelligence Beliefs and Maladaptive Self-Regulation of Learning, […]

The Aida team that has worked on historical document analysis has published an article documenting our work: L.-K. Soh, E. Lorang, C. Pack, and Y. Liu (2023). Applying Image Analysis and Machine Learning to Historical Newspaper Collections, The American Historical Review, 128(3):1382-1389, September.

Our team published a new paper that uses a novel, intelligent image processing technique to analyze document images: Pack, C., L.-K. Soh, and E. Lorang (2023). Perceptual Cue-Guided Adaptive Image Downscaling for Enhanced Semantic Segmentation on Large Document Image, International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition,

Congratulations to Dr. Chulwoo Pack, who is now an Assistant Professor at the South Dakota State University!

Congratulations to Yi Liu. Yi Liu successfully defended his doctoral dissertation “Image Processing Powered Convolutional Neural Network for Document Images and Beyond” in July and graduated with his Ph.D. in CS this August. Congratulations! Yi will become a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Nebraska to lead projects that combine image processing and machine […]

Professor Soh served as a Program Co-Chair for two years with the ACM SIGCSE Technical Symposium, 2022 (Providence, RI) and 2023 (Toronto, Canada). As part of his responsibilities as a Program Co-Chair, he helped edit the two conference proceedings: Proceedings of the 53rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education v. 1 and v.2; […]

Congratulations to Chulwoo (Mike) Pack, who successfully defended his Doctoral Dissertation “Enhancing Document Layout Analysis on Historical Newspapers: Visual Representation, Pseudo-ground-truth, and Downscaling” in April, and has officially graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Congratulations, Dr. Pack!

Professor Soh and his collaborators recently have their work on Computational Creativity and Undergraduate CS Education accepted: Flanigan, A. E., M. Peteranetz, D. Shell, and L.-K. Soh (to appear). Relationship between Implicit Intelligence Beliefs and Maladaptive Self-Regulation of Learning, accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computing Education,

Chulwoo (Mike) Pack and Leen-Kiat Soh published a paper about their work in cybersecurity education with their collaborators: Newar, D. K. P., R. Zhao, H. Siy, L-K. Soh, and M. Song (to appear). SSDTutor: A Feedback-Driven Intelligent Tutoring System for Secure Software Development, accepted to Science of Computer Programming,