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About Leen-Kiat

School of Computing


University of Nebraska

260 Avery Hall

Lincoln, NE 68588-0115

TEL:       (402) 472-6738    FAX: (402) 472-7767

E-mail:  lksoh at cse dot unl dot edu

Dr. Leen-Kiat Soh is Charles Bessey Professor at the School of Computing at the University of Nebraska.

The long-term vision for his research is to (1) establish the fundamental framework for multiagent systems to intelligently support human users in collaborative learning and teamwork settings, and (2) develop principled intelligent applications or systems to impact learning and teaching in education.  Progressing towards this vision, he has continued to grow his research in three primary areas—and the interdisciplinary spaces between the areas: (1) Multiagent Systems, Modeling, and Simulation with recent new efforts in deliberative, reflective information gathering, cognitive computing, and survey informatics; (2) CS Education with recent emphasis in integrating creative thinking and computational thinking; and (3) Computer-Aided Education with increasing emphasis in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL).


The IAMAS Group and the RICE Lab, March 2020