Two papers of ours, with former post-doctoral researcher Markeya Peteranetz, and current graduate student Patrick Morrow, have been accepted to SIGCSE’2020, to be presented in March, 2020, in Portland, OR. The paper titles are: “Development and Validation of the Computational Thinking Concepts and Skills Test”, and “A Multi-level Analysis of the Relationship [...]

Our paper, in collaboration with researchers from Oberlin College (Prof. Adam Eck) and University of Georgia (Prof. Prashant Doshi), has been accepted to AAAI’2020, to be presented in New York, NY, in February. The paper title is: Scalable Decision-Theoretic Planning in Open and Typed Multiagent Systems.

Together with Professor Liz Lorang, and doctoral students Yi Liu and Mike Pack, our team successfully concluded our project with the Library of Congress on investigating machine learning and image processing research to improve digital library.