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Together with collaborators Professor Adam Eck (Oberlin College) and Professor Prashant Doshi (Univ. of Georgia), we recently received funding from NSF IIS Robust Intelligence program to do Multiagent Systems research in decentralized planning in complex and open environments.

With Co-PIs Wendy Smith, Gwen Nugent, Guy Trainin, and Kent Steen, last year we received funding from NSF’s CSforAll RPP program for our project to adapt, implement, and research K-12 CS education in the state of Nebraska (the AIR@NE project). Recently, we successfully concluded two summer courses, with a cohort of 28 teachers!

Congratulations to Krishna Venkata and Sudeep Basnet for having successfully defended their M.S. theses!

Together with collaborators Deepti Joshi, Ashok Samal, Regina Werum, and Mike Hayes, we have received new funding from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to expand our work on anticipating social unrest!

We recently received new funding from the Library of Congress to continue to work on our intelligent analysis of historical documents. Ph.D. students Yi Liu and Mike Pack are now in Washington, D.C. to work with the Library of Congress. They will be there for six weeks.