Senior Design Project - Husker Scope

The Husker Scope project is an all-in-one cross platform (iOS, Android, and Web App) application that implements a Dual Channel Function Generator and Oscilloscope functionality for use within the CSCE 436 - Advanced Embedded Systems course. They were able to create a beta version for students to use in the spring 2022.

Husker Scope Project Description

Husker Scope 2.0 Project Description

Husker Scope Trailer
Husker Scope App Mockups & Layouts
Function Generator Layout Oscilloscope Layout Oscilloscope Layout 2 AM/FM Modulator Layout Oscilloscope Layout 3 Oscilloscope Layout AM Modulation Oscilloscope Layout with FM Modulation Function Generator Original Mockup Oscilloscope Original Mockup

Husker Scope (AKA Falcon O-Scope) Project Pitch Video
Husker Scope 2.0 Project Pitch Video
Function Generator Demonstration Video
Husker Scope Testing with Nexys Video FPGA for CSCE 436 - Advanced Embedded Systems
Testing between Husker Scope Oscilloscope and Function Generator
Senior Design Showcase Presentation May 2022
All 2021-2022 Senior Design Showcase Projects

Senior Design Showcase Presentation May 2023
All 2022-2023 Senior Design Showcase Projects

Husker Scope Interface Hardware

In order to get the mobile and web apps to allow an external microphone input we had to build small hardware interface. The breakout board takes the left and right channel outputs from the function generator and allows you to select which is sent to the microphone input of the oscilloscope. We found that iPhones require a 10KΩ resistor in series in order to recognize the microphone input. We added a 2KΩ resistor to divide the input voltage as a microphone circuit protection.

Husker Scope hardware interface design
Husker Scope breakout board interface design
We then prototyped a breakout board for the students to use in class.
Husker Scope Breakout Board
Final version of the Husker Scope breakout board

Husker Scope Application
Notional Vision of Husker Scope App
Husker Scope Logo
Husker Scope Logo

Prof Jeffrey Falkinburg
Assistant Professor of Practice
368 Avery Hall
School of Computing
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0150
(402) 472-5120 (voice)
(402) 472-7767 (fax)

Charles Daniel
Computing Coordinator
27D Avery Hall
School of Computing
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0150
(402) 472-7577 (voice)

Development Team 2021-2022

  • Brandon Ramos (Squad Lead & Development Manager)
  • Isaac Lien (Product Manager)
  • Ben Buckwalter (Developer)
  • Christian Lampe (Developer)
  • Riddock Moran (Developer)
  • Michael Rahe (Developer)

Development Team 2022-2023

  • Isaac Lien (Multi-team Squad Lead & Software Product Manager)
  • Brady Smith (Hardware Product Manager)
  • Timothy Gibbons (Development Manager)
  • Samuel Briggs (Software Team Developer)
  • Benjamin Finnegan (Software Team Developer)
  • Caden Kirby (Software Team Developer)
  • Rachit Rajiv (Software Team Developer)
  • Sultan Alrefaei (Hardware Team Developer)
  • Joel Murch-Shafer (Hardware Team Developer)
  • Raoul Tayo Sop (Hardware Team Developer)