a Spring 2015, CSCE 921


Course Syllabus, our 'contract.'

Papers Discussed

  1. Dispensable Instantiations in Constraint Satisfaction Problems
    Freuder, Grimes, Wallace.
    International Workshop on "Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for Solving Problems with Combinatorial Explosion" (21st RCRA). 2014.

  2. Generalzing Constraint Satisfaction on Trees: Hybrid Tractability and Variable Elimination
    Cooper, Jeavons, Salamon
    AIJ, 2010

  3. Beyond Consistency and Substitutability
    CP 2014

  4. On Broken Triangles
    Cooper, El Mouelhi, Terrioux, Zanuttini
    CP 2014. (Best paper award)

  5. A Hybrid Tractable Class for Non-Binary CSPs
    El Mouelhi, Jegou, Terrioux
    ICTAI 2013.

  6. On the Desirability of Acyclic Database Schemes
    Beeri, Fagin, Maier, Yannakakis
    JACM, 1983.

  7. Some Characterizations of gamma and beta-acyclicity of Hypergraphs
    2008, also in Iformation Processing Letters, August 2012

  8. The Extandable-Triple Property: A New CSP Tractable Class Beyond BTP
    Jegou, Terrioux
    AAAI 2015.

  9. A Hidden Tractable Classes: From Theory to Practice
    El Mouelhi, Jegou, Terrioux
    ICTAI 2014.

  10. A Unifying Framework for Structural Properties of CSPs: Definitions, Complexity, Tractability
    Bordeaux, Cadoli, Mancini
    JAIR, 2008

Scribe Minutes

  1. Dispensable Instantiations
    Robert's minutes and figures Berthe's scribble

  2. DBTP
    Tony's minutes and figures

  3. The Broken Triangle (AIJ 2010)
    Nate's minutes.

  4. On Broken Triangles (CP)
    Daniel's minutes and figures

  5. Chris: Extendable Triple
    Chris's minutes and figures

  6. Hidden tractable classes
    Robert's minutes.

  7. Tightness and Looseness
    Tony's minutes and figures

  8. Framework for Structural Properties of CSPs
    Chris's minutes.

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