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Senior Design Project - Husker STEM VR

The Husker STEM VR project is an outreach/recruitment app built for the Oculus Quest, iOS, Android, and Web App. Students built this virtual reality app for UNL's School of Computing and College of Engineering to encourage STEM outreach. This app began to help to make learning fun by creating a virtual reality app designed to create an engaging learning environment. Now that VR app has been extended to include multiple mobile platforms to increase the distribution even further. Additionally, we can promote more diversity in STEM by creating an educational environment that promotes inclusiveness.

Husker STEM VR Project Description

Husker STEM VR 2.0 Project Description

Husker STEM VR - Trailer
Husker STEM VR Project Pitch Video
Husker STEM VR 2.0 Project Pitch Video
Release 2 Demonstration Video
Release 3 Demonstration Video
Release 4 Demonstration Video
Release 5 Sprint 1 Demonstration Video
Release 5 Final Demonstration Video
Senior Design Showcase Presentation
Development Team 2021-2022
  • Parker Brown (Squad Lead & Product Manager)
  • Tyler Senne (Development Manager)
  • Jackson Herman (Developer)
  • Jackson Maschman (Developer)
  • Ryan Schumacher (Developer)
  • Connor Unger (Developer)
Development Team 2022-2023
  • Daniel Riedel (Squad Lead & Development Manager)
  • Matthew Bigge (Product Manager)
  • Isabel Adrover Gallego (Developer)
  • Joshua Bellmyer (Developer)
  • Nichole Livingston (Developer)
  • Keyuan Washington (Developer)
Husker STEM VR Application
Notional Vision of Husker STEM VR App
Husker STEM VR Logo
Husker STEM VR Logo

Prof Jeffrey Falkinburg
368 Avery Hall
School of Computing
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0150
(402) 472-5120 (voice)
(402) 472-7767 (fax)

Brittney Palmer (1st Year Co-Sponsor)
Former Recruiting Coordinator
School of Computing
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-0711 (voice)

Stephanie Benes (2nd Year Co-Sponsor)
Assistant Director of Recruitment
College of Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-7015 (voice)