The Department of Computer Science & Engineering

In the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, we prepare students for the most innovative, challenging and promising careers of the 21st Century.

Featuring world-class facilities, a groundbreaking curriculum, and renowned faculty members, we’re one of the country’s top computer science and engineering programs — including top-five in software engineering. And because the skills we teach are essential to the world’s fastest-growing job fields, we’re easily one of the university’s fastest growing departments.

Interdisciplinary research is integral to our culture.


We invest about $5 million each year to conduct state-of-the-art research in software engineering, informatics and systems.


Not only is 100 percent of our tenured and tenure-track faculty engaged in active research programs, but so are our graduate and undergraduate students.


We have had a 100 percent job placement rate the last four years, but what’s more impressive is that 80 percent of those job offers were in hand before our students started their senior year.

Our Design Studio provides undergraduates an exclusive opportunity to experience real-world system development by creating innovative software and software/hardware solutions to address practical problems. The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management produces top-quality graduates who combine business knowledge and computing fundamentals for enterprise information and software systems. And our Game Developers Club exposes students to the latest in video gaming, including development competitions.

With face-to-face advising and a vibrant, freshly renovated Student Resource Center, we make a future in computing accessible to anyone seeking great challenge and driven by curiosity.

Our graduates are recruited by industry-leading companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Garmin and Union Pacific, where they work to develop the hard and soft technologies we use everyday — the innovations that will make this world a better place for future generations.

Be one of us. Let curiosity move you.

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