CSCE 476/876

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


You must submit your files via webhandin when required. Homework must be returned before class on due date.


Assigned date

Due date

Homework 1: Learning Lisp with the Adaptive Remote Agent. Friday, Jan 22 Friday, Jan 29
Homework 2: Learning Lisp with the Adaptive Remote Agent. Friday, Jan 29 Monday, Feb 8
Homework 3: Using emacs and Common Lisp.
LISP Grader file HW 3 Test cases: Using emacs and common lisp.
Scripts to help verify your code, you are not required to use them and does not come with support.
Monday, Feb 8 Monday, Feb 22
Homework 4. Monday, Feb 22 Friday, Mar 4
Homework 5: Implementing & testing Search.
Retrieve the list of cities.
Friday, March 11 Monday, March 28
Wednesday, March 30
Homework 6: Constraint Satisfaction and Propositional Logic
Source files of Homework 6 provided for your convenience.
Monday, March 28 Monday, April 11
Homework 7: Propositional Logic and First Order Logic. Monday, April 11 Monday, April 18
Homework 8: (PL +) FOL. Monday, April 18 Monday, April 25.