List of All my Alfas

Witty's Alfa Romeo
Model Model Year Year Bought Color What Happened to It?
Milano Gold 1989 1990 Black Traded back to the dealer after it was rear-ended.
164L 1991 1991 Silver Used as a trade-in.
164B 1991 1992 Blue Sold in 1993.
Alfetta GT 1979 1991 Red Involved in an accident. Fixed then later sold.
Alfetta GT 1979 1991 Black Came with the car above as a part car.
Then hauled it to scrap yard after done harvesting the parts. Quite normal for Alfa.
Alfetta Sedan 1979 1993 Navy Sold after many years of abuse.
Alfetta Sedan 1978 1994 Silver Not really sure what happened to it.
Milano Verde 1988 1993 Charcoal Sold to a friend.
Milano Verde 1987 1994 Black Hit by a drunk driver (total loss).
Alfetta GT 1979 1993 Metallic Brown Sold after failed Spica Pump. Last I saw it was painted flying yellow.
Spider 1974 1995 Red Disassembled for body work but never finish. Not sure where it is.
Milano Verde 1988 1993 Red Sold to a gentleman who flew in to Chicago and drove it back to California back in 1994.
Milano Gold 1987 1995 Blue Bought from a friend as a part car. Then sold as scrap after all parts were taken.
GTV (click on pic below) 1971 1999 Red Trade my TI for this car with a friend. Sold it on ebay before moving to Nebraska.
GTV (click on pic below) 1967 1992 Green Sold to Stephens Alfa as part of a trade for a 74 GTV.
GTV (click on pic below) 1974 2006 Yellow Bought it from Stephens Alfa after a complete rebuilt.
Still with me.
Giulia TI (click on pic below) 1965 1994 White=>Navy Bought in 1994. Trade for the red 1971 GTV (see the last picture) in 1999. It is now back with me.
GTV6 (click on pic below) 1986 2013 Black Always wanted one, now I have one.
Bought from a meticulous owner who lives in Northern California.
Spider Veloce 1991 2016 Silver An old man's attempt to be young again.
Bought from a well-known Alfa mechanic who works in LA.
Alfetta GT 1978 2020 Navy blue I am trying to save this car from two decades of abandonment.

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1974 GTV

1965 Giulia TI

1986 GTV-6

1991 Spider Veloce

1978 Alfetta GT


1967 GT Sprint Veloce

1971 GTV