How to Secure a Good Final Grade


A bonus will be awarded to students who attend all lectures.


Students who return, every Monday before class, a glossary of terms listed in handouts will be credited for up to 8% bonus, computed proportionally to the list of terms they return. Rules for glossary:
  • Students will be have to build an incremental and alphabetically sorted glossary of important terms.
  • Terms to be included are the ones listed in the handouts distributed in class or sent my email.
  • A glossary entry can be filled with: (1) its definition in AIMA, (2) its definition from another AI textbook, dictionary, or web resource, or (3) the student's own interpretation.
  • All terms encountered during a week are due as a weekly glossary the following Monday or as indicated on the course web page.
  • At the end of the course, the full alphabetically sorted glossary is due. (Hint:  choose a text editor that can sort entries alphabetically.)

Additional Work

Closely monitor your grade. If you feel that your grade is slipping, contact the instructor immediately. We may be able to assign to you an additional task to put you back on the right track.

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