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In this page, web pages of interest to the class will be listed. Every student is welcome to propose a link he or she find of interest. The student's name will be mentioned.

Your catch

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Catch of the class of Spring 2011

  1. Anthony Schneider: IBM's Watson team answers some questions regarding Watson's inner workings and some of the technological challenges they faced in its design and implementation.
  2. Instructor: Watson wins Jeopardy!. Make sure to watch all 4 episodes.
  3. Instructor: Lecoutre's e-textbook on Constraint Networks
  4. Joshua Branchaud: Google Goggles Sudoku Demo, or how commercial success is 99% in the interface, not the science. Any simple BT search can solve any Sudoku puzzle very quickly, even for ill-paused (non)puzzles with several solutions. The technical achievement here is the use of a scanner and an OCR, not in solving the puzzle :-) All 9x9 puzzles that we are aware off can be solved by propagation algorithms only, without search. The applet developed by the Constraint Systems Laboratory implements 4 propagation algorithms that solve all but 7 known puzzles. We know the algorithm that solves the 7 hardest puzzles, we just need the time to implement it. The scietific challenge is to theoretically prove that those 5 algorithms (actually, just the 5th) can solve any 9x9 well-paused Sudoku puzzles.

Catch of the class of Fall 2009

  1. Beau Christ: The Painting Fool, paper, website.
  2. Yujo Mo: IBM Researchers Go Way Beyond AI With Cat-Like Cognitive Computing

Catch of the class of Spring 2009

  1. Pingyu Zhang: Counting CPU time for Java programmers
  2. Pingyu Zhang: Garey & Johnson-Computers & Intractability (in DjVy format, to be downloaded).

Catch of the class of Spring 2008

  1. Bartak's list of Constraint Systems/Solvers
  2. 4C's list of Constraint Systems/Solvers

Catch of the class of Fall 2005

  1. Josh Snyder: Crossword puzzles and CSPs website with links.
  2. Josh Snyder: a paper on "Crossword Puzzles and Constraint Satisfaction"
  3. Josh Snyder: a paper on: "A Generic Neural Network Approach For Constraint Satisfaction Problems".

Catch of the class of Fall 2003

  1. Kye Halsted: Scramble Squares Puzzle as a CSP.

Catch of the class of Fall 2002

Catch of the class of Fall 2001

  1. Chris Hammack: a really cool Java Applet: Consistency Based CSP Solver. 
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