Online Resources

Random Problem Generators

Puzzles Built @ the ConSystLab

Interactive Minesweeper. Built by Robert Woodward (2007--present), K. Bayer (2006--2007), J. Snyder (2005).
Interactive Sudoku Solver. Built by Ch. Reeson (2006-2007), Angelo @ISI (2007).

Benchmark Problems

The list of benchmark problems usually used in the CP Solvers programming competetion. Check also the related tools.
The organizers of the International Workshop on Constraint Propagation and Implementation organize a Solver Competition and make available the benchmark problems used during the competition. Such as the ones used in the 2005 competition. Such problem instances are typically written using the new standards for representing CSP instances: an XML representation and also a table representation.
CLib: Configuration Benchmarks Library.

Archives, Solvers, and On-Line Systems

Catalog of Global Constraints
A list of Constraint Solvers
The Java Constraint Programming (JaCoP) Solver
Bartak's list of Constraint Systems/Solvers
The ECLiPSe Constraint Logic Programming System
JACK: a library providing constraint programming and search for Java (high-level language, generic search engine, and a visualization tool).

Main publication venues


Constraint Programming (CP), AAAI, IJCAI, ECAI, FLAIRS, etc.


AI Journal (index at the Love Library, online access access), Constraints (index at the Love Library, online access).

Constraint Processing

CP Online
Yahoo Group: Constraints, Association for Constraint Programming
AI Topics of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Web search engines (Google (scholar), CiteSeer, Altavista, etc.)

Industrial companies and start-ups

COSYTEC I2 TechnologiesRed Pepper (bought up by PeopleSoft, then Oracle), Blue Pumpkin (now Verint), Calico (now Oracle), Ilog (to become IBM), Trilogy, Parc Technologies Ltd (now CISCO), Carmen Systems (now Jeppesen), Firepond, On Time Systems Inc., ConfigWorks., etc.

Research Centers

Cork Constraint Computation Center (4C), Microsoft Research (Cambridge), Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, PARC, NASA Ames, (to be completed)


Constraint Networks (2001 and 2007) by Rina Dechter
Constraint Programming Approach to AI Applications, by Michela Milano
Foundations of Constraint Satisfaction, ESSLI 2002, by Roman Barak
Constraint Programming: online textbook by Roman Barták.
Reasoning Methods in AI (CS329A, CS227): courses by Pandu Nayak.
Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSC2512F): course by Fahiem Bacchus
Tutorial on Constraint Programming, by Barbara Smith.
Lecture notes by David McAllester.
Bacchus' Constraint Programming Bibliography

Academic Research Groups

Constraint Systems Laboratory at UNL
APES Group in the UK.
Cork Constraint Computation Center (4C) of Freuder in University College Cork, Ireland.

Latex Resources

From Joel Gompert: Getting memory-efficient, pretty-looking, robust graphics with very fancy robust labels into LaTeX
From Ryan Lim: The not so short introduction to LaTex2x

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