CSCE 990: Next-Generation Wireless Networks

Fall 2021.

This graduate-level seminar course is a research seminar in next-generation wireless networks. The course covers a series of topics stemming from active and emerging research areas i n 5G and 6G wireless communication systems and networks. The course is designed for students who are conducting research related to wireless systems and networks or interested in learning the cutting-edge solutions in wireless communications in detail. From this course, students will have a thorough understanding of the evolution of wireless communication networks, including key driving factors, enabling techniques and their basics, and performance evaluation methods. The topics of this course include an overview of several key enabling techniques with a focus on their applicable scenarios, and technical discussions on the fundamentals of these techniques. Specifically, main topics of interest include massive multiple-input­–multiple-output (MIMO) communications, millimeter wave and terahertz communications, reconfigurable intelligent surface technique, machine learning in wireless communications, and satellite communication network with CubeSats.

The course structure centers around reading, reviewing, discussing, and summarizing research papers from various emerging directions in next-generation wireless networks, concluding with a research proposal and presentation. For each topic, we will understand the motivation behind it and the state-of-the-art in research, development, and deployment, dive deep into fundamental technical detail, and look at related open problems.

CSCE 440/840: Numerical Analysis I

Spring 2022.

Textbook: Richard. L. Burden, et al., Numerical Analysis (Tenth Edition), Cengage Learning, 2016.

Syllabus: Coming soon.