YAO Integrated Digital Omics Lab

"01001001 01000100 01001111 01001100 Data cannot talk, unless we integrate and interpret."

Lab Description

Integrated Digital Omics Lab (IDOL) is a bioinformatic research group in Computer Science Department (now expand to School of Computing) at University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL). We are interested in developing scalable algorithms, tools and databases to integrate different types of high throughput omics data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics etc) to understand dynamic and complex biological systems. We go across the interface of computer science, biology, statistics, medicine and machine learning. We are able to accomondate your broad interests and diverse goals. We welcome every one who should have passion and curiosity to learn and discover.

Lab Research

Microbiome Diversity

Diverse Microbiome Functions

Application: Environment, Health

Who are in this population?

What are each of them doing?

How do they affect ecology?

Genetic Mutations

Mutations and Functions

Application: Gene therapy

How to detect mutations?

Do they change functions?

Molecular Diversity

Diverse Molecular Isoforms

Application: Medicine, Plant

How to identify the different forms?

Can we quantify the difference?

Are they important?

Statistical Machine Learning

Method Development

Application: Previous topis

What is the statistical foundation?

Can we quantify the performance and uncertainty?

How to interpret these ML models?

Are you a Frequentist or Bayesian?

Completed Project Selections

"Sometimes tedious, but rewarding."

Our bioinformatic work include novel algorithms, software packages, websites and databases that serve the purpose of processing, analyzing, modeling and displaying the multiple types of omics data sets in bioinformatics


"Motif Raptor"

Transcription factor toolkit and analysis

This is a cell type-specific and transcription factor centric approach for post-GWAS prioritization of causal regulators.

Bioinformatics 2021

Journal of Investigative Dermatology 2021

Nature Genetics 2019,2021

Genome Biology 2018

Microbial Ecology

"Storm" and "Omega2"

Metagenomic toolkit

We developed methods and pipelines for metagenomic assembly, enzymatic function annotations, and reference genome based analysis.

Nature Ecology 2018

Bioinformatics 2018

Nature Communication 2014


"P3DB" and "Musite"

Protein phosphorylation

We developed a network based database to host plant protein phosphorylation data, and generated support vector machine based predictions for protein ptm sites.

Plant Phosphoproteomics 2015

Nucleic Acid Research 2014

Frontiers in Plant Science 2012

Lab Opportunity

Choose a position plan that fits your needs soon. They are gone like candy quickly.

  • Postdoc Scholar

  • Love Bioinformatics
  • Love Research
  • Very High Salary
  • Endless Support
  • We have one opening this year for those who have passion to publish good work and aim to do research track in either academia or industry. We encourage inter- or trans- disciplinary researchers. We now can provide much better salary than NIH standard.
  • Graduate RA

  • Persue Bioinformatics
  • Develop Research
  • Get Tuition Waiver
  • Endless Support
  • We have couple of RA positions for students from computer science department or bioinformatic program who want to persue phd or master degree in our lab. We also provide good stipend besides tuition waiver.
  • Undergraduate

  • Any or Zero Background
  • Taste Research
  • Get Stipend
  • Endless Support
  • We have experience in supporting undergraduate researchers inside UNL or from other universities with diverse background. We also support undergraduate capstone or thesis. We can assist undergraduate students to apply for fellowships and future graduate schools if needed.
  • Visiting Student/Scholar

  • Various Background
  • Build Research Experience
  • Establish Relationship with us
  • Endless Support
  • We welcome visiting or rotation students, visiting professors, or visiting scientists to conduct bioinformatic research at any time of the year. We can provide very flexible timelines.

Lab Publications

"Writing is hard work and bad for the health." - E.B. White

Lab Members

Qiuming Yao

Lab Director

Assistant Professor, School of Computing, University of Nebraska Lincoln, 2020-now

Postdoc, Hematology and Oncology, Harvard Medical School, 2017-2020

Postdoc, Computer and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Lab, 2014-2017

PhD, Computer Science Department, University of Missouri, 2014

MA, Statistics Department, Univeristy of Missouri, 2014

Lab Alumni

Contact Lab

Swing by for a cup of coffee, or talk about hobbies, or whatever.

Address: Avery Hall 122B

  Lincoln, Nebraska, US