CSCE 496/896 Project Ideas

Last modified Tuesday, 16-Aug-2011 14:55:05 CDT
Due date for proposals: Nov. 6

Due date for project write-ups: Dec. 11 at 5:00 pm

o An in-depth report on scoring matrices [Scott]

o Fun with interval graphs [Deogun]

o NEW Hunting for Skewed Oligomers [Benson]

o mRNA Degradation in Yeast [Taylor]

o NEW Also see papers in recent computational biology conferences and journals [some papers are even available on-line]

o NEW See the following book for a description of past and current work in applying machine learning to e.g. structure prediction, gene finding, database searching, etc.:

o Also see Chapter 12 of the following book for a list of 117 open problems in computational biology:

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