Robert J. Woodward

Robert Woodward
I am a Ph.D. candidate studying Computer Science in the Constraint Systems Laboratory (ConSystLab) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a Ph.D. student at the Coconut group at the Université Montpellier. My advisors are Dr. Berthe Y. Choueiry (UNL) and Dr. Christian Bessiere (UM).

I am supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

I have been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW), and I am also a 2013 Chateaubriand Fellow, and will be working with Dr. Christian Bessiere in Montpellier France.

Research Interests

My research focuses on Constraint Processing and solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) using Relational Consistency methods. One cool application of relational consistency properties in CSPs is solving Minesweeper. Visit my Minesweeper solver.