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Current Students:


  • Mikaela Cashman
  • Justin Firestone


Undergraduates (current)

  • Hallie Hohbein
  • Mark Hernandez
  • iGEM team



  • Yalan Liang, August 2018, Automated GUI Testing and Repair: a Family of Techniques (Facebook)
  • Brady Garvin, August 2017, The Variability-Space Topography of Interaction Faults (now Assistant Professor of Practice, UNL).
  • Thammasak Thianniwet, August 2016, SPL-XFactor: A Framework for Reverse Engineering Feature Models (now Assistant Professor, School of Information Technology Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand)
  • Jiangfan Shi, May 2012, Use of Constraint Solving for Testing Software Product Lines , co-advised with M. Dwyer (now at Microsoft)
  • Xiao Qu, August 2010, Configuration Aware Prioritization for Regression Testing (now at ABB Research)


  • Mikaela Cashman, December 2016, Thesis: Using Software Testing Techniques to Infer Biological Models.
  • Jonathan Saddler, August 2016, Thesis: EventFlowSlicer: A Goal-based Test Case Generation Strategy for Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Kevin North, August 2016, (co-advised with A. Sarma) Thesis: Sonifying Git History.
  • Justin Firestone, May 2016, (co-advised with M. Pierobon) Thesis: A Roadmap to Safe and Reliable Engineered Biological Nano-communication Networks.
  • Dongpu Jin, August 2014, Thesis: Improving Preference Recommendation and Customization in Real World Highly Configurable Software Systems
  • Jacob Swanson, May 2014, Thesis: A Self-Adaptive Framework for Failure Avoidance in Configurable Software
  • Heath Roehr (co-advised with S. Elbaum), August 2013, Thesis: Discovering Divergence: Finding Unexpected Behavior Using Directed Exploration
  • Amanda Swearngin, May 2012, Thesis: CogTool-Helper: Leveraging GUI Functional Testing Tools to Generate Predictive Human Performance Models
  • Weixia Xu, August 2011, Project
  • Si Huang, December 2010, Thesis: A Framework for Automatically Repairing GUI Test Suites
  • Isis Cabral, August 2010, (co-advisor with G. Rothermel), Thesis: Designing Software Product Lines for Testability
  • Brady Garvin, December 2009, Thesis: Constrained Covering Arrays by Simulated Annealing
  • Matilda Acheampong, August 2009, Thesis: An End-User Testing Approach for Data Retrieval in Relational Databases
  • Yu Shang, May 2009, Project (co-advisor with W. Srisa-an)
  • Martin Coria, May 2007, Thesis: An Automated Testing Framework For Finding Buffer Overflows
  • Joshua Snyder, December 2006, Thesis: Testing Across Configurations: Implications for Combinatorial Testing
  • Shiu Beng Kooi, (co-advisor with W. Srisa-an), August 2006,Thesis: Clustering the Heap in Multi-threaded Applications for Improved Garbage Collection

Undergraduate Honors Thesis

  • Joseph Schulman: May 2008

Past UCARE/Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Phuong Ninh
  • Dannie Dooling - graduated May 2018.
  • Dong Xu - graduated May 2015.
  • Zhen Wang - graduated May 2014.
  • Jacob Swanson - graduated December 2011.
  • Kaylei Burke - graduated May 2011.
  • Amanda Swearngin - graduated May 2010.
  • Katie Macias
  • Katherine Woolf (UCARE) - graduated May 2008.
  • Summer 2006:
    • Sarah Manning
    • Bryan Oltman
    • Matthew Rosno
  • Krista Nelson (UCARE) - graduated May 2006.
  • Summer 2005:
    • Laura Brown
    • Timothy Fangmeier
    • Danielle Nelson

Committee Member:

Ph.D. (current)

  • Stephanie Prahl, Math (advisor: Dr. Pitts)
  • Zahmeeth Sakkaff, (advisor: Dr. Pierobon)

Ph.D. External Examiner

  • Xavier Devroey, University of Namur, Belgium
  • Santo Carino, University of Western Ontario
  • Emil Alégroth, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Christopher Henard, University of Luxembourg


  • Allison Beemer, May 2018, (advisor: Dr. Christine Kelley, Math)
  • Bakhtiar Kasi, December 2015, (advisor: Dr. Sarma)
  • Kathryn Haymaker, May 2014, (advisor: Dr. Christine Kelley, Math)
  • Katie Stolee, August 2013, (advisor: Dr. Elbaum)
  • Zhihong Xu, August 2013, (advisor: Dr. Rothermel)
  • Elena Sherman, December 2012, (adivsor: Dr. Dwyer)
  • Du Li, December 2012, (advisor: Dr. Srisa-an)
  • Suzette Person, August 2009, (advisor: Dr. Dwyer)
  • Madeline Diep, May 2009, (advisor: Dr. Elbaum)
  • Arvind Visvanathan, August 2008, (advisor: Dr. Reichenbach)
  • Feng Xian, May 2008, (advisor: Dr. Srisa-an)
  • Hyunsook Do, May 2007, (advisor: Dr. Rothermel)


  • Zahmeeth Sakkaff, Thesis, , December 2016, (advisor: Dr. Pierobon)
  • Matias Waterloo, Thesis, , August 2016, (advisor: Dr. Elbaum)
  • Mouna Hammoudi, Thesis, August 2016, (advisor: Dr. Rothermel)
  • Eric Rizzi, Thesis, December 2015 (advisor: Dr. Elbaum and Dr. Dwyer)
  • Corey Jergensen, Thesis, May 2013 (advisor: Dr. Sarma)
  • Lucy Wang, Thesis, May 2013 (advisor: Dr. Elbaum and Dr. Dwyer)
  • Ziyang Lin, Project, August 2011 (advisor: Dr. Soh)
  • Andres Santos, Thesis, August 2009 (advisor: Dr. Scott)
  • Victor Corrêa, Thesis , December 2008 (advisor: Dr. Henninger and Dr. Scott)
  • Elena Sherman, Thesis , August 2008 (advisor: Dr. Dwyer)
  • Min Zhang, Thesis , August 2008 (advisor: Dr. Rothermel and Dr. Hochstein)
  • Mithuna Soundararaj, Thesis, August 2006 (advisor: Dr. Srisa-an)
  • Huzaifa Al Nahas, Thesis, August 2005 (advisor: Dr. Deogun)
  • Bhagyashree Prabhakar, Thesis, August 2005 (adivsor: Dr. Goddard)
  • Ahalya Nathan, Project, August 2005 (advisor: Dr. Goddard)
  • Sita Madhuri Tangirala, Project, November 2004 (advisor: Dr. Srisa-an)

Undergraduate Honors Theses

  • Derrick Stolee, May 2007 (advisor: Dr. Goddard)