CSCE 970 (Spring 2003) Project Presentation Schedule

Note: If your oral presentation is from an on-line source (e.g. PowerPoint), bring your presentation slides on a CD or show up early to ftp your slides to the local drive. It takes too much time for each group to log off and the next one to log on, so there will be one login at the start of class, and everyone presenting that day will simply copy their presentation on to the hard drive. Of course, if you are using transparencies, you have nothing to worry about.

You are expected to attend as many talks as possible, especially those during regular class periods. This will affect the subjective portion of your grade.

You should consider your presentation's scheduled time slot final unless you have a conflict that you absolutely cannot change. This is to prevent constant modifications of the presentation schedule, which require alterations to everyone else's schedules and potential problems with room and equipment reservations.

Each talk will be 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions and to transition from one group to the next. Hence a total of 25 minutes is allotted per talk. However, this is only an approximation! Don't assume that your talk will start exactly at the time implied by the given schedule.

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