CSCE 496/896-005 (Spring 2018) Project Ideas

From the syllabus:

In this course you and your team will do a substantial project, in which you will characterize a significant problem amenable to a deep learning solution, study the related work to this problem, develop one or more deep learning approaches to this problem, and evaluate your approaches.
You will summarize your project results in a written report and an oral presentation. The written report must use a professional writing style similar to that found in a refereed conference or journal (e.g., ACM, IEEE, ICML, ICLR, NIPS), including abstract, introduction, summary of related work, your contribution, references, and an appendix (if necessary). The oral presentation will be to the entire class at the end of the semester: during the fifteenth week (April 23–27), and if necessary, during the fourteenth week (April 16–20). You will submit your written report no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 25. In accordance with UNL policies, you have now been informed in writing of the nature and scope of this project prior to the eighth week of classes.
Later this semester (late February to early March) we will set a deadline for submission of 1–3 paragraph proposals on your projects. Also, in late March, you will submit to us a brief progress report and meet with us for a check-in on your project. You must do both of these in order to get full credit for your project, and you must get our approval on your proposal before starting work on your project.

Projects are due by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, April 25. See the rules on projects for more information.

Project oral presentations are the weeks of April 16 and April 23. See the presentation schedule for more information.

Project check-in reports are due Sunday, April 8. You should submit it to sscott@cse and pquint@cse in text format in the body of an email before 11:59 pm on that day. The proposal should include:

  1. A summary of what you've accomplished on your project so far.
  2. A description of what major elements remain for your project, including what is left over from your proposal as well as any new elements that you've added since your proposal.
  3. An overview of any significant hurdles that have arisen.
  4. A list of what questions you need answered to move forward.
On Monday, April 9, we will spend the hack-a-thon period reviewing each group's check-in report.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: The proposal submission deadline is Sunday, March 4. You should submit it to sscott@cse and pquint@cse in text format in the body of an email before 11:59 pm on that day. The proposal should include:
  1. A brief statement of your project topic.
  2. Motivation for your topic (why it is important and interesting).
  3. A precise work plan: what you plan to do, what data sets you will test on, how you will evaluate performance, etc.
  4. At least three references (at least two published journal or conference papers).

Project ideas

The following is a list of possible projects, suggested by a variety of individuals. If you want to know more about a particular one, let us know and we can put you in contact with those who can provide more details.

You are welcome to suggest your own project as well, e.g., one related to your own research. It should contain some form of an experimental component, be relevant to the course, and be a non-trivial extension beyond what we covered in class.



Reinforcement Learning

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