CSCE 496/896 (Spring 2018) Hack-A-Thon 6: Autoencoders

Assigned Monday, February 19
Due Saturday, February 24 at 11:59 p.m.

First, download the file hackathon_6.ipynb. Then, go to and log in via two-factor authentication. You then need to select "Local Jupyter Notebook" and click "Upload" to upload hackathon_6.ipynb

For this hack-a-thon, we'll be using the MNIST data from hack-a-thon 3, i.e., files mnist_train_images.npy and mnist_test_images.npy in folder


Now you should be able to step through the notebook. When done, select "File" → "Close and Halt". Then check the box next to your notebook and click "Download". Then go to handin and submit your ipynb file by 11:59pm Saturday.

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