CSCE 496/896 (Spring 2018) Hack-A-Thon 1: Getting Started

Assigned Monday, January 8
Due Thursday, January 11 at 11:59 p.m.

Part 1: Set Up HCC Account

This part is from the emails sent to the class before the start of the semester.

You need to have an HCC account in the class group, and set up Duo two-factor authentication. If you do not already have an HCC account, go to to request one, in the class group cse496dl. If you already have an account, send an email to to ask to join the class group cse496dl.

If you have not already done so, you should also install on your smartphone the Duo Mobile app to use two-factor authentication to log into HCC. You will also need to go in person to the HCC office in Schorr 118 to set up the authentication system. More information on this is at

Part 2: Upload and Run Jupyter Notebook

First, download the file hackathon_1.ipynb. Then, go to and log in via two-factor authentication. You then need to select "Local Jupyter Notebook":

Then, click "Upload" to upload hackathon_1.ipynb:

Now you should be able to step through the notebook. When done, select "File" → "Close and Halt". Then check the box next to your notebook and click "Download". Then go to handin and submit your ipynb file by 11:59pm Thursday.

You are strongly encouraged to attempt your submission well before the deadline, to verify that your cse account is set up to access the 496/896 handin.

If you have questions about the exercise, see this solution file.

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