Wed, 12/1, Ferg 112 (regular classroom)

1. Qing Feng Lin (20 min) "Automatic classification of web pages."

2. Darin Jalas (20 min) "Hardware-based genetic algorithms."

Fri, 12/3, Ferg 112 (regular classroom)

1. Josh Brown and Yixin Guo (20 min) "Application of reinforcement learning techniques to optimization of instances of the travelling salesman problem."

2. John Wise (20 min) "Emulating a blue jay's cognitive processes with an ANN."

Mon, 12/6, Ferg 21

1. Jon Travis (20 min, incl. demo) "Learning a controller for a QuakeBot."

2. Brad Kratochvil and Jed Pedersen (20 min, incl. demo) "Building a better checkers player."

Wed, 12/8, Ferg 112 (regular classroom)

1. Deepak Chawla and Lin Li (20 min) "Pruning an ensemble of classifiers."

2. Corey Maley (20 min) "Exploring applications of a geometric pattern learner to the UC-Irvine dataset."

Fri, 12/10, Ferg 112 (regular classroom)

1. Scott Saniuk and Damien Wright (15 min) "Using decision trees to predict the next note in a Bach fugue."

2. Shuguang Yan (15 min) "Multi-threshold perceptrons and their applications."

3. Taotao Yu (20 min) "Applying machine learning techniques to analyze microbial population dynamics."