CSCE 478/878 (Fall 2014) Homework 3

Assigned on Thursday, October 30
Due Sunday, November 9 at 11:59 p.m.

When you hand in your results from this homework, you should submit the following, in separate files:
  1. A single zip file called, where username is your username on cse. In this file, put:
  2. A single .pdf file with your writeup of the results for all the homework problems, including the last problem. Only pdf will be accepted, and you should only submit one pdf file, with the name username.pdf, where username is your username on cse. Include all your plots in this file, as well as a detailed summary of your experimental setup, results, and conclusions. If you have several plots, you might put a few example ones in the main text and defer the rest to an appendix. Remember that the quality of your writeup strongly affects your grade. See the web page on ``Tips on Presenting Technical Material''.

Submit everything by the due date and time using the web-based handin program.

On this homework, you must work on your own and submit your own results written in your own words.
  1. (60 pts) Implement a naïve Bayes classifier, using m-estimates for the probabilities to work around attribute values that are unused in the training set. Run your classifier on the same data sets that you used in the previous homeworks. Report your error results with either confidence intervals or with ROC analysis and compare them either to your results from previous homeworks, or to results from using the same naïve Bayes classifier with a different m-estimate.

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