CSCE 478/878 (Fall 2014) Mini-Homework 0.5

20 points
Assigned Tuesday, September 2
Due Tuesday, September 9

In this mini-homework, you are to choose a target concept such as "Foods I Like", "People I Despise", "By Far The World's Most Supremely Super-Cool Machine Learning Instructors", etc. Once you've selected your concept, choose at least 10 positive examples and 10 negative examples of this concept. Then choose a set of at least 5 attributes that can be used to effectively differentiate the examples, and then describe each example using appropriate values for each attribute.

For example, say your target concept is "Foods I Like". Then your positive examples may include pizza, doughnuts, and ice cream, and your negative examples may include haggis and pork rinds. Your attributes may consist of traits such as "texture" (with values "crispy", "soft", and "rubbery"), "saltiness" (with values of "high", "medium", and "low"), "sweetness", etc. Then you'll list each example with its label and its set of attribute values, e.g. pork rinds may be listed as "texture=crispy", "saltiness=high", etc.

Write up a description of your target concept, attributes, and examples with labels and attribute values in your personal wiki, which is already linked in from the course wiki. Note that to edit the course wiki, you need a CSE Wiki account, which is distinct from your CSE login account. See the CSE Wiki Main Page for information on how to get this account.

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