CSCE 478/878 (Fall 2001) Home Page

o Course Description

o Annoucements and Frequently Asked Questions

o Course Handouts

o Slides from lectures

o Homeworks

o Information on the projects The project oral presentation schedule is now available!

o On-line grading of topic summaries

o Sample topic summaries

o Web-based handin program

o Help on generating plots, figures, etc.

o Tips on Presenting Technical Material [Important for both homeworks and projects]

o Special Event: Colloquium by Sally Goldman on multiple-instance learning, scheduled for Thursday, December 13, 3:30pm [refreshments in 114 Ferguson], 3:45pm [talk in 217 Ferguson] (abstract, colloquium schedule)

o Grades

o List of other offerings of ML courses at other institutions

o My hotlist of ML people, journals, etc.

o Anonymous Suggestion Box

o UNL CSE Department's Policy on Academic Integrity [All students are expected to be familiar with and abide by this policy!]

o Class Roster (with pictures)

o Home page for Fall 1999 offering

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