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Byrav Ramamurthy

Byrav Ramamurthy is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). He is the author of the book “Design of Optical WDM Networks – LAN, MAN and WAN Architectures” and a co-author of the book “Secure Group Communications over Data Networks” published by Kluwer Academic Publishers/Springer in 2000 and 2004 respectively. He served as the Chair of the IEEE Communication Society’s Optical Networking Technical Committee (ONTC) during 2009-2011. He served as the IEEE INFOCOM 2011 TPC Co-Chair. He is currently an Editor-in-Chief for the Springer Photonic Network Communications (PNET) journal.

His research areas include optical and wireless networks, peer-to-peer networks for multimedia streaming, network security and telecommunications. His research work is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, NASA, AT&T Corporation, Agilent Tech., Ciena, HP and OPNET Inc.

Graduate Students

Boyang Hu is a Ph.D. Student in the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His current work is on the network softwarization and security at the Networks Research Group (NetGroup), under the supervision of Dr. Byrav Ramamurthy. His research interests include Software Defined Networks (SDN), Advanced Computer Networks, Network Security, and applications of Machine Learning in Optical Networks.

Sai Suman is a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering Dept. at UNL. He is from Hyderabad, a city in the south part of India. He works with Prof. Byrav Ramamurthy and his research interests are run-time optimization using dynamic programming and machine learning techniques in i) large-scale optical and multi-domain networks and ii) large data transfers.

Mohammad Majid

Mohammad Majid is a graduate Computer Science and Mathematics major at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His research interest includes Elastic Optical Networks, Optical Network Simulators, and Machine Learning in Optical Networks.

Undergraduate Students

Lance Althouse is an undergraduate Software Engineering major at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His research interests include Machine Learning and Peer-To-Peer streaming systems.

Former Members

Former Ph.D. Students

Shideh Yavary Mehr, Ph.D. (CE), 2022

Deepak Nadig Anantha, Ph.D. (CS), Summer 2021

Asst. Professor at Purdue University,

Application-awareness in Softwarized Networks: Building Intelligent Networks through Application and Network-layer Collaboration

Sara El Aloaui, Ph.D. (CS), Fall 2020

Routing Optimization in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for Space and Mission-Driven Internet of Things (IoT) Environments

Xukai Zou, Ph.D. (CS), Fall 2000, (co-advised with Prof. Spyros Magliveras, FAU)
Secure Group Communications and Hierarchical Access Control

Xi Yang, Ph.D. (CS), Summer 2004
Efficient Design and Operation of Translucent Optical WDM Networks

Wang Yao, Ph.D. (CS), Summer 2005
Traffic Grooming in Next-Generation Optical WDM Mesh Networks

Mengke Li, Ph.D. (CS), December 2005
Cost-Efficient Design of Waveband Switching in Optical Wavelength Division Multiplexed Networks

Lu Shen, Ph.D. (CS), May 2006
Resource Allocation in Wavelength-Routed WDM Mesh Networks

Ajay Kumar Todimala, Ph.D. (CS), December 2006
Fault-tolerance using Shared Path Protection in Wavelength Division Multiplexing Optical Transport Networks

Yong Wang, Ph.D. (CS), December 2007
Key management protocols for Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuyan Xue, Ph.D.(CE), Spring 2010 (co-advised with Prof. M. Can Vuran)
Service-Differentiated And Reliable Communication In Event-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Miao Wang, Ph.D.(CS), Spring 2011 (co-advised with Prof.Lisong Xu)
Multi-Channel Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems as Resource Allocation Problems

Zhipeng Ouyang, Ph.D.(CS), Summer 2012 (co-advised with Prof.Lisong Xu)
On Heterogeneous User Demands In Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming Systems

Adrian Lara, Ph.D.(CS), Fall 2015
Using Software-Defined Networking to Improve Campus, Transport and Future Internet Architectures

Former M.S. (Thesis) Students

Lalita Kumawat, Fall 2021

Jong-Tae Lee, Spring 1999
Wavelength Converter Placement in Optical Networks

Ashok Ramakrishnan, Spring 2000
Virtual Topology Reconfiguration in Optical Networks

Srinath Yaragorla, Summer 2000
Sparse Regeneration in a Translucent Network

Ling Zhong, Spring 2000
Optimizing of Amplifier Placements in Switched Optical Networks

Shu Zhang, Spring 2001
Dynamic traffic grooming for reconfigurable WDM networks

Lu Shen, Spring 2002
Signaling Schemes for in GMPLS-based WDM Mesh Networks

Kalpana Ganesan, Spring 2003
P-Lambda Scheduler for WDM Optical Packet Switching

Ajay Kumar Todimala, Spring 2003
Fault-Tolerance in Optical WDM Mesh Networks

Siva Sunkavalli, Summer 2003
Scatternet Formation in Bluetooth Networks

Ravi Balachandran, Fall 2004
Secure Group Communication over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Garhan Attebury, Summer 2006
Federated Network Management through Attribute Access Control

Pratheeswaran Angu, Summer 2011
Offline Optimization of Advance Reservation over Dynamic Networks

Lin Liu, Fall 2011
Distributed Algorithms for Energy Savings in the Core Network

Joyeeta Mukherjee, Summer 2012
Routing Over The Interplanetary Internet

Santiago Gimenez Ocano, Spring 2015
Remote Mobile Screen (RMS): An approach for secure BYOD environments

Sara El Alaoui, Fall 2015
Routing Optimization in Interplanetary Networks

Former M.S. (Project) Students

Xuehong Gan, Spring 1999
A Prototype of a Web Server Clustering System

Qingyuan Lou, Fall 1999
Sparse Multicasting Simulator for Optical Networks

Xingchun Chen, Spring 2000
IP Multicast Experiments in a Campus Network

Chandrakant Yemparala, Summer 2000
Integrated Simulation Environment for SIMON

Gautam Rao, Spring 2000
Application Level Differentiated Services for Web Servers

Elie Sawma, Fall 2000
Connection Management in Optical Networks

Sree Rama Nomula, Fall 2000
ARTHUR: An RWA Tool for Optical Networks

Mir Hussain Ali, Fall 2001
Static vs. Dynamic Routing in WDM Networks

Aditya Srinivasa Ivaturi, Summer 2002
Transcoding Proxy for Wireless Web

Lai Lim, Summer 2002
Challenges in deploying Access Grid at UNL

Mohan Krishna Chirumamilla, Fall 2002
An Intrusion Detection System for Wireless LANs

Jun Li, Spring 2003
Integrated Distributed Simulation using Visual SIMON

Daneal Tesse Fekersillassie, Spring 2003
Design of a Sensor Network for Irrigation Management

Vaidehi Ajit Kasarekar, Fall 2003
Distributed Intrusion Detection for Wireless LANs

Sarang Deshpande, Spring 2004
A Scalable Scheme for Secure Dynamic Conferencing

Mukesh Babu Raghuraman, Summer 2004
Implementation of a system for the visually impaired

Bhavana Lekkala, Summer 2004
Waveband Routing with Non-uniform Wavebands

Ashok Janardhanan, Summer 2004
Implementation of a Secure Group Communication Protocol

Srikanth Anumalla, Summer 2004
Groundwater Monitoring using Smart Sensors

John Hodges, Fall 2007
Wireless Mesh Networking: A Solution for Broadband Access

Jagannath Ghoshal, Fall 2007 (Co-advised with Prof. L. Xu)
Neighbor-Selection in Live Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Streaming Networks

Srikanth Mallu, Spring 2008 (Co-advisor: Prof. Vuran)
A Secure Group Key Management (SGKM) Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Vaidhehi Lakshmiraman, Summer 2008
Joint Scheduling in a Lambda Grid Network

Anusha Ravula, Spring 2010
A Tabu Search Approach for Joint Scheduling of Resources in a Lambda Grid Network

Mukesh Subedee, Summer 2010
Co-scheduling of Resources in a Lambda Grid/Cloud Environment

Anisha Kolasani, Summer 2012
Dynamic Network Traffic Isolation Through OpenFlow

Steven Becker, Fall 2012
Experiments On Video Streaming Over Computer Networks

Saichand Palusa, Fall 2014
The Interplanetary Internet implemented on GENI Testbed

Sonith Raveendran Poyyeri, Summer 2015
Healthcare Intervention using Mobile phones and Google Cloud Messaging