M. R. Hasan

Curiosity is Infectious...

M. R. Hasan

Assistant Professor of Practice

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Office: 123E Avery Hall
1144 T St, Lincoln, NE 68588-0115
Phone: (402) 472 5026
Email: hasan@unl.edu

Teaching Interest

Teaching is my passion. Teaching is about others, but at the same time teaching is about one's own self. One teaches because there is a story to tell. The most fruitful story is the one that originates from within.

Through my lectures, I want to convey a simple message: how beautiful this life is and that the pleasure of finding things out is overwhelming!

My passion for teaching is inspired by my mentor Richard Feynman!

Research Interest

I am enthusiastic about exploring the frontier of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I create intelligent algorithms to discover patterns in the Hamletian "to be or not to be" realm of Big Data! More specifically, I am interested to develop algorithms for learning better representations of data that improves both effectiveness and efficiency of ML/DL models.

My research area revolves around Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Agent-based Systems, Network Science, and Complex Systems.

Research Group: Network-centric & Data-driven Learning

Currently I am working on the following projects:

GitHub repository of my tutorials on Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Academic Qualification

I have been trained as a Theoretical Physicist. But Douglas Hofstadter's Godel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid changed my life eternally!

I went to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte to understand Modern Artificial Intelligence, and completed my reluctant Ph.D. degree in Computing and Information Systems in 2014. Before joining the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as Assistant Professor of Practice in 2014, I worked as Lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the North South University (Bangladesh). I have obtained a Master degree in Applied Information Technology from the Monash University (Australia). In my earlier life, I pursued my passion in Theoretical Physics and completed a Master of Science degree in Physics. For more information about me, here is a link of my CV.

Entrepreneurial Venture

Before my reincarnation in Modern AI, I created a tech startup company (Global Village.Com) in 2001 to provide Internet-based telecommunication service to the rural areas of Bangladesh. Its mission was to spread the benefit of Internet among the "Computer-Illiterate" people of the under-developed regions of Bangladesh.