Shoreline Demo
 shoreDemo005view, link (37.9 KB, 675475) source (272 KB)Thu, 8 Jan 04, 3:21pm UTC 
 shoreDemo004view, link (37.5 KB, 675475) source (385.5 KB)Mon, 15 Dec 03, 5:22pm UTC 
 shoreDemo001view, link (37.5 KB, 675475) source (405 KB)Fri, 12 Dec 03, 11:06pm UTC 

The shoreline data comes from here. All the datasets at this location have too high of resolution to be usuable in Flash so they have to be reduced in size.

The program gshhs_dp was used to create several datasets with reduced numbers of polygons and points. For example, si75.xml was generated using a 75 km tolerance from the gshhs_i.b data file (actually, gshhs_dp produces an intermediate binary file that can be converted to xml using this program).

shoreDataFiles.rar – contains several datasets of different resolutions

Finally, you will definitely want to get version 7,0,14,0 of the flash player (link).