Transit Images Movie
 transitMovie041view, link (72.1 KB, 820600) source (813 KB)Fri, 22 May 09, 7:09pm UTC 

Fixed the appearance of the direction arrows a bit.

 transitMovie040view, link (72.1 KB) source (712.5 KB)Mon, 16 Jun 08, 2:47pm UTC 

Now the movie will look for the images file in the following locations:

  • transitimages.swf
  • animations/coordsmotion/transitimages.swf
  • transitImages.swf
  • animations/coordsmotion/transitImages.swf

 transitMovie039view, link (78.6 KB, 820600) source (543 KB)Mon, 23 Jul 07, 10:24pm UTC 

Updated the appearance. The images file is still expected to be at animations/coordsmotion/transitimages.swf (the classaction location).

 transitMovie038view, link (58.5 KB, 800600) source (295.5 KB)Thu, 18 Jan 07, 10:11pm UTC 

This version is identical to 037 except it expects the images file to have the following relative url:


 transitMovie037view, link (58.4 KB, 800600) source (295 KB)Fri, 17 Sep 04, 8:49pm UTC 

The images used in this explorer are kept in a separate file (transitImages.swf) which must be in the same folder as the transitMovie.swf file. The other files: transitImages.swf, transitImages.fla.