Stellar Habitable Zone
 stellarHabitableZone004view, link (112.3 KB, 980765)  Mon, 15 Jun 09, 6:00pm UTC 
 stellarHabitableZone001   Sat, 7 Mar 09, 2:53am UTC 

to do:

  • HR diagram
  • flip eccentric orbits (periastron at right)
  • distance readout on diagram (fade out?)
  • star mass selector or slider
  • planet distance slider
  • time readout on timeline cursor
  • vertical bar in hab plot mirroring cursor time
  • justifiable pessimistic and optimistic settings
  • star, planet histories below timeline
  • animation feature
  • mass, lum, temp readouts
  • black hole, neutron star, white dwarfs representations in diagram
  • improved planet artwork
  • habitable zone label and arrow in diagram
  • star data in single compressed binary
  • proper layout
  • loader, with feedback and fade-in
  • full titlebar
  • use scientific notation for planet and star properties
  • pause animation on mouse interaction (planet drag, timeline interaction)
  • [not reproducing consistently] bug: select 30Msol, sweep time cursor to end, alternate between 3My and end (is it due to changing x targets?)
  • bug: uncheck show ref orbits, drag planet to right to zoom out, recheck, change assumptions while watching labels
  • bug: drag planet to right for a bit, change assumptions