Motions of the Sun
 sunMotions068view, link (99.7 KB, 950680) source (1.2 MB)Fri, 24 Sep 10, 10:03pm UTC 

Made the direction labels in the horizon diagram change to all "N"s or all "S"s at the poles.

Note about versions: this version is derived from 066b. I don't know why I made a 066b version instead of a 067 version, but since this is the version that has been on the website for over a year (from July 2009) I think it must be safe to use. I don't know what the difference is between 066 and 066b, but it must be something minor if I didn't want to change the version identity in the About dialog.

 sunMotions066view, link (110.6 KB, 950680) source (712 KB)Fri, 20 Jul 07, 3:10pm UTC 

Added title bar.