Logarithmic Histogram
 logHistogram002view, link (22.5 KB, 620400) source (64 KB)Thu, 18 Aug 05, 12:02am UTC 


  • fixed case bug
  • added function stepLabelsBy(n), so that labels are only shown every nth power of ten; in the example above n is 2
  • added function showMinorTicks(arg), where arg is a boolean indicating whether minor tickmarks are shown; in the example above this is set to false
  • added an optional width parameter to the bar objects, so each bar's width can be specified individually (otherwise the default bar width is used); in the example above a narrow "empty" bar is used to physically separate the "16+" category from the rest

This example also shows what can be done with a custom bar. Rolling over displays the value associated with that bar. Clicking the value lets you drag it around the screen.