Exoplanet Combo Diagram
 exoplanetComboDiagram004view, link (19.9 KB, 650300) source (89.5 KB)Tue, 10 Oct 06, 4:13pm UTC 

In version 002 the planet and star discs would be drawn only if there were no labels. Now it is possible to have labels and discs by using the boolean showDiscs. The default for this property is true when no labels have been added and false when there are labels.

One necessary consequence of these changes is that there is no longer any margin to the curve on the radial velocity plot.

 exoplanetComboDiagram002   Fri, 6 Oct 06, 9:55pm UTC 

Now the planet and star discs will be drawn if no labels are added. In this case a red cursor dot will appear on the radial velocity curve and the following flashvars will be parsed:

  • animate - boolean to have the diagram animate (default is false)
  • period - the period of the animation in seconds (defaut is 5)
  • starAngle - specifies the position of the star in degrees ccw from right (with the earth at left); default is 0 (note that there is no planetAngle flashvar in this component)

 exoplanetComboDiagram001view, link (19.4 KB, 650300)  Fri, 6 Oct 06, 5:33pm UTC 

The native size of the movie is 650300. Accepted flashvars:

  • orbitDirection - 'cw' or 'ccw' (default is 'ccw')
  • earthArrowAngle - in degrees ccw from left (default is 0); this causes the entire diagram to rotate; so, for example, if a label is given an angle of 0 it will always be at the opposite of the center of mass no matter what the value of earthArrowAngle is
  • starLabels, planetLabels - these are comma/semicolon delimited lists of labels; the semicolons separate the labels and the commas separate the parts of the label; each label consists of three parts: the angle, the label to show on the diagram, and the label to show on the velocity plot (note that the angle goes first, unlike for exoplanetOrbitDiagram); the angle is measured ccw from right where the earth view is at left (so 0 is always at the opposite side of the center of mass from the earth)

The above example has the following flashvars line: planetLabels=0,a,A;90,d,D&starLabels=0,c,C;90,b,B&orbitDirection=cw&earthArrowAngle=180