3D Plane Rotation
 planeRotator001view, link (41.5 KB, 700500) source (100 KB)Mon, 10 May 04, 9:02pm UTC 

This file contains a component that skews and rotates a movieclip in a way that makes it seem like a plane in 3D space. The orientation of the plane is controled by two angles (given in degrees) that define the direction that the camera is viewing from, measured from an origin centered on the movieclip. In this coordinate system theta is the azimuthal angle, and is measured in the plane of the movieclip counterclockwise from the movieclip's +y axis. phi is the altitudinal angle measured from this plane. There is an option to have the "back" and "front" sides be separate movieclips – otherwise, they can be the same.

This file dates from June 2003 so don't use the slider in its library.