Gas Retention Simulator
 gasRetentionSimulator022view, link (88.3 KB, 900650) source (759 KB)Tue, 20 Nov 07, 10:44pm UTC 

Made it so that there is always a selected gas, assuming that there is at least one gas in the chamber.

Gas Retention Plot
 gasRetentionPlot015view, link (81.8 KB, 880660) source (768 KB)Fri, 2 Mar 07, 8:29pm UTC 

Changed the spelling of "gasses" to "gases".

Projectile Motion Simulator
 projectile016view, link (50.2 KB, 680445) source (448 KB)Wed, 28 Feb 07, 5:47pm UTC 


  • added title bar with about, help, and reset options
  • relabelled the "reset" button to "start over" so as not to be confused with the reset option on the title bar
  • added a pause at peak checkbox

EDU Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Plot
 eduMBD004view, link (16.5 KB, 500320) source (77 KB)Thu, 15 Feb 07, 4:16pm UTC 

You may find this editor useful for determing values to use. Documentation:

The movie can be embedded at any size, although if it is too small the axis titles will be cropped. A reasonable minimum size is 320225.

The following are general settings. All are optional.

  • maxSpeed - This property specifies the right limit of the x-axis. The default is '1000'.
  • axesColor - This is the color used for the axes, including tickmarks and labels. The default is '000000'.
  • defaultTemp - This is the temperature used for a curve if the temperature is not specified. The default is '300'.
  • defaultMass - This is the mass used for a curve if the mass is not defined. The default is '32'.
  • defaultLabel - This property determines what label (if any) is used for a curve if a label has not been individually specified. It should be one of the following values: 'letter', 'number', or 'none'. The first two options will cause each curve to be labelled with a unique letter or number, as in a multiple choice question. The default is 'none'.

Curves can be added by using the following properties, where X is the curve number, which should start at 1 and go consecutively. At least one of massX or tempX must be defined; all the other properties are optional.

  • massX - The mass for the curve. If left undefined defaultMass will be used.
  • tempX - The temperature for the curve. If left undefined defaultTemp will be used.
  • labelX - The label used for curve. If left undefined the label used will depend on the value of defaultLabel.
  • colorX - This is the color of the curve's line as well as the fill beneath it. The default value depends on the curve number. By default the curves are colored blue, yellow, green, and red.
  • labelColorX - This specifies the color used for the label text. The default value depends on the curve number. By default the curves are colored blue, yellow, green, and red.
  • fillAlphaX - This is the alpha of the fill beneath the curve. The default is '30'.
  • lineAlphaX - This specifies the alpha of the curve's line. The default is '100'.
  • lineThicknessX - This specifies the thickness of the curve's line. The default is '1'.

Note that masses (including defaultMass) can also be set with the following strings (case is important). The mass used is given in parentheses.

  • 'Xe' (131)
  • 'CO2' (44)
  • 'O2' (32)
  • 'N2' (28)
  • 'H2O' (18)
  • 'NH3' (17)
  • 'CH4' (16)
  • 'He' (4)
  • 'H2' (2)

If you specify a curve's mass using one of these strings, and defaultLabel is 'none', and labelX is undefined, then the curve's label will be the molecular formula for the gas.

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Demo
 MBDDemo004view, link (42 KB, 925395) source (306 KB)Tue, 2 Jan 07, 8:04pm UTC 

Added key speeds and labelled the axes in the distribution plot.

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Plot Component
 maxwellPlotComponent004view, link (33.9 KB, 900400) source (331 KB)Mon, 20 Nov 06, 4:22pm UTC 
Random MBD Number Generator
 randomMaxwell003view, link (39 KB, 800650) source (195 KB)Fri, 8 Sep 06, 3:27am UTC