Lunar Applet
 lunar_applet040view, link (117.6 KB, 840680) source (1.3 MB)Tue, 12 Oct 10, 12:33am UTC 

Added Slovene translation, and fixed some quirky behavior with the language panel that appears after the simulator has been open for several hours.

 lunar_applet038view, link (117 KB) source (1.3 MB)Tue, 13 Apr 10, 5:00pm UTC 
 lunar_applet037view, link (127.3 KB, 840680) source (1.3 MB)Wed, 9 Sep 09, 9:02pm UTC 
 lunar_applet035view, link (113.7 KB, 840680) source (1.4 MB)Tue, 5 May 09, 9:39pm UTC 
 lunar_applet033view, link (105.7 KB, 840680) source (939.5 KB)Tue, 27 Mar 07, 10:37pm UTC 

Updated the simulator to appear consistent with our more recent simulators. For the most part the behavior is identical to the previous version. Two differences are:

  • the stickfigure on the globe is visible whether or not the horizon diagram is visible
  • the panel contents are visible by default

Moon Phases Simulator
 moonPhases003view, link (67 KB, 400220) source (644 KB)Mon, 26 Mar 07, 10:54pm UTC 

Replaced the moon image.

Sun-Moon Horizon Diagram for EDU
 sunMoonHorizonDiagram002view, link (19.2 KB, 400400) source (126.5 KB)Mon, 13 Jun 05, 7:21pm UTC 

flashvars parameters:

  • sunAngle: measured from meridian CCW about NCP axis
  • moonAngle: same as sunAngle
  • viewerAzimuth: azimuthal angle of viewer, measured from north CW about zenith axis
  • viewerAltitude: altitude from horizon plane
  • latitude: observer latitude


  • all angles are in degrees
  • the sun and moon are always on the celestial equator
  • only sunAngle and moonAngle are required, failure to supply legal values causes an error message to be displayed
  • default viewing angles are determined by the sun and moon angles
  • default latitude is 41° N

version 001 below lets you adjust the parameters using sliders