HR Diagram Explorer
 hrExplorer013view, link (96 KB, 805665) source (1.5 MB)Mon, 18 Aug 08, 9:29pm UTC 

Recompiled with the updated HR component that fixes a label positioning bug that occurs on mac.

EDU HR Diagram
 eduHRDiagram006view, link (28.4 KB, 360390) source (138 KB)Wed, 16 Nov 05, 10:57pm UTC 

Added the showAsDisc and textColor options for points — updated notes

This flash file is designed to produce an HR diagram based on parameters sent by flashvars. For example, the following flashvars string produces the diagram above (where all the text is on one line):


Since flashvars parameters are defined on the root you can also acheive the same result using the following code on the first frame of the main timeline (where diagramMC is the instance name of the HR diagram component):

main = "1";
hip = "1";

mass1 = "1";
label1 = "sun";
color1 = "666666";

temp2 = "25000";
lum2 = "150000";
label2 = "A";
color2 = "ee3333";
textColor2 = "ffffff";
showAsDisc2 = "1";

temp3 = "4000";
lum3 = "1000";
label3 = "B";
color3 = "00aa33";
textColor3 = "ffffff";
showAsDisc3 = "1";

temp4 = "10000";
lum4 = "0.1";
label4 = "C";
color4 = "3333bb";
textColor4 = "ffffff";
showAsDisc4 = "1";

temp5 = "3300";
lum5 = "0.01";
label5 = "D";
color5 = "ffbb50";
textColor5 = "ffffff";
showAsDisc5 = "1";


HR Diagram Component
 hrDiagramComponent043view, link (104.4 KB, 1050670) source (1.5 MB)Mon, 18 Aug 08, 9:15pm UTC 

Fixed the label positioning problem on mac.

 hrDiagramComponent041   Fri, 2 Mar 07, 11:09pm UTC 

Changed class names and linkage names to avoid problems when a movie loads swfs with different versions of this component. Otherwise, this component should be functionally identical to version 040.

 hrDiagramComponent040   Fri, 9 Feb 07, 4:35pm UTC 

updated documentation

Major changes:

  • The biggest change is that the internal conversion functions (e.g. getTypeFromLogTemp) have been updated to better fit real data. These functions can be tweaked more if necessary (a newly created editor makes this relatively easy).
  • Made changes to how the distance modulus shifting occurs. The property apparentMagnitudeOffset has been removed and the property distanceModulus behaves differently now. Any existing implementations of the component that use these properties will need to be rewritten.
  • Updated the star lists and changed the default appearance of these groups.
  • Improved and standardized the way styles are set for some things (e.g. the spectral type style settings). There are potential backwards-compatibility issues with some of the changes, but I doubt if anyone was using the old methods.
  • Added the ability to add a group of stars from a list when using addObjectLayer.
  • Added the removeObjectLayer and removeAllObjects functions.
  • Modified updateObjects so one can now update just a subset of parameters.
  • Updated the live preview and fixed it so that the component can be added by attachMovie.
  • Added a property skipInitUpdate, which if true will cause the component not to update itself after initialization. It can be set in the init object if using attachMovie or at the bottom of the live update panel in the authoring environment. This should improve efficiency if you're going to immediately change the component settings after initialization.
  • Address issues with the luminosity class lines.
  • Compatibility problems with AS2 have been fixed.
  • Numerous bug fixes.