Filters Simulator
 filters035view, link (123 KB, 980710) source (848 KB)Wed, 18 Jul 07, 8:55pm UTC 

Added the titlebar.

Blackbody Explorer
 bbExplorer026view, link (84.1 KB, 950550) source (974 KB)Thu, 13 Aug 09, 2:11pm UTC 

Put units on the vertical axis.

 bbExplorer025view, link (90.5 KB, 950550) source (566.5 KB)Wed, 18 Jul 07, 4:46pm UTC 

Added the new title bar and fixed a small problem.

Color-Temperature Gradient
 colorTempGradient001view, link (17.7 KB, 600400) source (32 KB)Thu, 13 Oct 05, 11:16pm UTC 

Open "Symbol 1" in the library and at the top of the function doit() you will find the variables used to define the gradient and tickmark locations.

Simple Blackbody Plot Component
 simpleBlackbody017view, link (37.8 KB, 800600) source (706 KB)Wed, 20 Aug 08, 8:39pm UTC 

Fixed a small bug which made the right side of a curve fill not quite vertical in certain limited circumstances. Example: open v016, set scaling mode to custom, set curve 1 peak height to 2, and sweep curve 1 temperature in the range 2100-2400.

 simpleBlackbody016view, link (55 KB, 800600) source (512 KB)Thu, 11 May 06, 8:59pm UTC 

Made the component easier to use with attachMovie.

 simpleBlackbody014   Thu, 6 Oct 05, 4:31pm UTC 


  • added a remove() function to the curve object
  • added a visible property to the curve object
  • fixed a problem with the peak labels introduced in version 12
  • fixed the longstanding potential for problems when plotting a curve that greatly exceeds the height of the plot area
  • added the ability to change the axes label colors, either through the properties inspector or with the function setAxesLabelColor
  • improved the accuracy of the curveTo approximation of the curves

updated documentation

EDU Distribution Maker
 eduDistribution002view, link (6.1 KB, 100100) source (66 KB)Thu, 22 Feb 07, 9:18pm UTC 

Added a maxwell distribution option (input preset number 7). Note that specifying a maxwell input distribution with a filter distribution will not produce a combined distribution.

distributionViewer2 (source)

 eduDistribution001view, link (5.3 KB, 100100) source (64.5 KB)Fri, 7 Oct 05, 8:19pm UTC 

This file expects either input or filter (or both) to be defined. When both are defined the combined distribution is displayed.

Use this file (source) to edit or review the input and filter lists.