Simple Blackbody Plot Component
 simpleBlackbody017view, link (37.8 KB, 800600) source (706 KB)Wed, 20 Aug 08, 8:39pm UTC 

Fixed a small bug which made the right side of a curve fill not quite vertical in certain limited circumstances. Example: open v016, set scaling mode to custom, set curve 1 peak height to 2, and sweep curve 1 temperature in the range 2100-2400.

 simpleBlackbody016view, link (55 KB, 800600) source (512 KB)Thu, 11 May 06, 8:59pm UTC 

Made the component easier to use with attachMovie.

 simpleBlackbody014   Thu, 6 Oct 05, 4:31pm UTC 


  • added a remove() function to the curve object
  • added a visible property to the curve object
  • fixed a problem with the peak labels introduced in version 12
  • fixed the longstanding potential for problems when plotting a curve that greatly exceeds the height of the plot area
  • added the ability to change the axes label colors, either through the properties inspector or with the function setAxesLabelColor
  • improved the accuracy of the curveTo approximation of the curves

updated documentation

Sinusoid Component
 sinusoidComponent001view, link (35.2 KB, 700500) source (427.5 KB)Wed, 7 Sep 05, 8:01pm UTC