Kepler 2nd Law Demo
 kepler2ndDemo001view, link (25.1 KB, 800600) source (199 KB)Mon, 9 May 05, 3:53pm UTC 
Phases of Venus
 venusPhases005view, link (30.9 KB, 870600) source (133.5 KB)Fri, 7 Jan 05, 9:14pm UTC 
Ptolemaic Phases Of Venus Animation
 ptolemaicVenus004view, link (15.9 KB, 900660) source (144 KB)Tue, 25 Jan 05, 6:40pm UTC 
The Orbit of Mars
 marsOrbit005view, link (12.9 KB, 825550) source (263.5 KB)Tue, 4 Jan 05, 5:27pm UTC 
Path Tracer
 pathTracer005view, link (29.3 KB, 875600) source (496.5 KB)Tue, 4 Jan 05, 4:03pm UTC 

See also this.

Mini Keplerian System Component
 miniSystem004view, link (3.3 KB, 400400) source (48 KB)Tue, 20 Dec 05, 4:55pm UTC 

There's a significant change in how the sizing and scaling works. Now the orbital radii can be given in any units, and the actual size of the whole system is set by scaling the component in the authoring environment. (In the previous version the orbital radii had to be given in pixels, and scaling the component in the authoring environment had no effect.)