Bad Sun Path
 badSunPath003view, link (58.9 KB, 400400) source (514.5 KB)Thu, 7 Jun 07, 3:39pm UTC 
 badSunPath002view, link (36.2 KB, 400400) source (334 KB)Tue, 2 Mar 04, 4:15pm UTC 
Sun Path Component
 sunPathComponent002view, link (43.2 KB, 670400) source (272 KB)Thu, 8 Apr 04, 6:34pm UTC 

The component has the following properties:

latitude – the latitude of the stickfigure
time – the time of day in decimal hours, where 0 = midnight and 12 = noon
declination – the declination of the sun, in degrees
period – the time it takes to complete one simulated day, in seconds
animate – boolean that controls the animation state

The celestial sphere component must be in the library for this sun path component to work.

Transit Images Movie
 transitMovie041view, link (72.1 KB, 820600) source (813 KB)Fri, 22 May 09, 7:09pm UTC 

Fixed the appearance of the direction arrows a bit.

 transitMovie040view, link (72.1 KB) source (712.5 KB)Mon, 16 Jun 08, 2:47pm UTC 

Now the movie will look for the images file in the following locations:

  • transitimages.swf
  • animations/coordsmotion/transitimages.swf
  • transitImages.swf
  • animations/coordsmotion/transitImages.swf

 transitMovie039view, link (78.6 KB, 820600) source (543 KB)Mon, 23 Jul 07, 10:24pm UTC 

Updated the appearance. The images file is still expected to be at animations/coordsmotion/transitimages.swf (the classaction location).

 transitMovie038view, link (58.5 KB, 800600) source (295.5 KB)Thu, 18 Jan 07, 10:11pm UTC 

This version is identical to 037 except it expects the images file to have the following relative url:


 transitMovie037view, link (58.4 KB, 800600) source (295 KB)Fri, 17 Sep 04, 8:49pm UTC 

The images used in this explorer are kept in a separate file (transitImages.swf) which must be in the same folder as the transitMovie.swf file. The other files: transitImages.swf, transitImages.fla.

Altitude and Azimuth Demonstrator
 altAzDemo005view, link (74.2 KB, 800510) source (740 KB)Mon, 20 Jul 09, 6:22pm UTC 
 altAzDemo003view, link (54.4 KB, 700400) source (259 KB)Tue, 13 Jan 04, 7:37pm UTC 
 obliquity004view, link (26.2 KB, 600400) source (133 KB)Wed, 17 Sep 03, 5:36pm UTC 
Zodiac Viewer
 zodiac017view, link (57.3 KB, 800650) source (316 KB)Fri, 4 Jun 04, 9:44pm UTC 

Same as 016 but without rotational axis.

 zodiac016view, link (57.3 KB, 800650) source (361 KB)Fri, 4 Jun 04, 9:43pm UTC 

Earth at the center.

 zodiac015view, link (57.6 KB, 800650) source (361.5 KB)Fri, 4 Jun 04, 9:43pm UTC 
Longitude Latitude Demonstrator
 longLatDemo014view, link (87.9 KB, 650400) source (672 KB)Tue, 5 Jul 05, 9:26pm UTC 

The shoreline data is now contained in the swf, so the xml file is no longer needed. Also, I fixed a layering issue with the city label and removed some of the extra white space.

Right Ascension and Declination Demonstrator
 raDecDemo007view, link (38.8 KB, 700450) source (432.5 KB)Wed, 14 Apr 04, 4:27pm UTC 

In this version RA is measured in decimal hours.

Right Ascension and Declination Demonstrator Simplified
 raDecSimple002view, link (35.2 KB, 700450) source (607.5 KB)Thu, 26 Feb 04, 4:41pm UTC 
 raDecSimple001view, link (59.8 KB, 700450) source (417.5 KB)Thu, 29 Jan 04, 4:39pm UTC 
Sun Paths
 sunPaths001view, link (59 KB, 550280) source (400 KB)Thu, 29 Jan 04, 5:44pm UTC 
Motions of the Sun
 sunMotions068view, link (99.7 KB, 950680) source (1.2 MB)Fri, 24 Sep 10, 10:03pm UTC 

Made the direction labels in the horizon diagram change to all "N"s or all "S"s at the poles.

Note about versions: this version is derived from 066b. I don't know why I made a 066b version instead of a 067 version, but since this is the version that has been on the website for over a year (from July 2009) I think it must be safe to use. I don't know what the difference is between 066 and 066b, but it must be something minor if I didn't want to change the version identity in the About dialog.

 sunMotions066view, link (110.6 KB, 950680) source (712 KB)Fri, 20 Jul 07, 3:10pm UTC 

Added title bar.