Three CSE students named to Franco's list

May 02, 2018      By Victoria Grdina

The Spring 2018 Franco's List awardees.
The Spring 2018 Franco's List awardees.

Thirty University of Nebraska–Lincoln students have been recognized as outstanding agents of character and integrity by being named to Franco's List, including CSE students Mickey Tran, Hallie Hohbein, and Karl Shaffer.

Students who attain the highest level of academic achievement are recognized by their academic dean through the Dean's List. Similarly, Franco's List — named for the late Juan Franco, vice chancellor for student affairs from 2006-2017 — recognizes students at Nebraska who demonstrate characteristics essential to being a person of integrity.

Franco's List awardees represent six building blocks of character: caring, citizenship, commitment, dependability, open-mindedness and respect.

All recipients were nominated by a university community member and selected by a council of peers, the vice chancellor for student affairs' Character Council.

Recipients were announced at an awards ceremony April 19.

Following is a list, by hometown, of students named to Franco's List, along with their year in school during the spring semester and academic major(s).