2019-2020 Project Portfolio

The Senior Design Capstone provides an opportunity for industry and academic sponsors to engage and utilize the minds of some of the brightest students on campus. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Senior Design Capstone is grateful to be supported by the following sponsors.

Buckle Logo
Social Media Marketing

Develop a mobile app that enables Corporate Marketing personnel to provide approved social content for individual stores, so that they can use a standardized social brand and drive traffic to their stores.

DMSi Logo
Agility BOM Interface

Develop a web user interface to simplify end-user set up and maintenance of a building materials industry bill of material (BOM) feed into an Agility Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Initially, the output will be a CSV file but will evolve to the development of an API.

GC Image Logo
GC Image

Augment existing machine learning software with additional pattern recognition algorithms and visualization tools to classify feature vectors from complex chemical samples using chemometrics.

Hoffman Strategy Group Logo
Hoffman Strategy Group
Real Estate Analytics

Create an online commercial real estate feasibility analytics and client report generation system.

Holland Computing Center Logo
Holland Computing Center
HCC Plant Phenotyping

Work with Agronomy & Horticulture students on a multidisciplinary research project where Senior Design students will develop new and refactor existing code to enhance the research on high performance Plant Phenotyping systems.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Logo
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Continue the development of a software application that receives, analyzes, and stores wireless sensor-driven performance data within a centralized database available for use by clinicians and researchers.

Mystic Rhoads Production Logo
Mystic Rhoads Production
baldorf App

Develop a video game app version of a game called baldorf for an elementary-level education program currently being implemented in the Lincoln community.

Nebraska Book Company Logo
Nebraska Book Company
Book Buyback System

Develop a text book buy-back application that pulls eligible books along with their prices, tracks book returns at locations throughout the country on a local database and uploads them to Nebraska Book Company as the application has internet connectivity.

Nebraska Dept of Labor Logo
Nebraska Dept of Labor
Labor Market ML

Use machine learning to convert employer-provided job titles into standardized job titles and create a database system to allow economic analysis of the quarterly labor data.

Nebraska Environmental Trust Logo
Nebraska Environmental Trust
Grant Management

Continue web development on a Grant Management system to enhance the functionality for the Grant Administrators.

Nebraska Family Dentistry Logo
Nebraska Family Dentistry

Develop an online appointment scheduling system that will allow dental clients to schedule their own appointments.

NU Dept of Information Technology Services Logo
NU Dept of Information Technology Services
IT Asset Tracker

Develop an asset tracking system that integrates with other University of Nebraska systems for the Cyber Security group so they can find information on the IT assets, such as hostname, MAC address, IP, operating system and department owner.

Painless Prep Logo
Painless Prep
Painting Prep App

Develop a mobile-friendly application that will measure and capture custom sizes of French Windows so that an adhesive paper window covering can be produced for use by professional painters and homeowners to use in preparing to paint.

Regular Phil Brands Logo
Regular Phil Brands
Regular Phil App

Develop an application that handles the process of scheduling and coordinating recurring social events through machine learning and natural language processing.

The Bay Logo
The Bay
Facility Mgmt Tracking

Build and integrate a facility management tracking system that uses card scanning technology, so that facility administrators can generate usage-based funding and reduce the time of managing access.

UNL Center on Children, Families and the Law Logo
UNL Center on Children, Families and the Law
Training App

Develop a mobile training app that includes gamification, interaction and engagement to thousands of community service providers focused on strengthening Nebraska families and protecting children, so that the organization can move past obsolete paper training.

UNL CSE-Bourke Logo
UNL CSE-Bourke
VR For Structures

Continue to develop a virtual reality environment using SAP2000 Model Alive simulations to visualize structural configurations and behaviors in 3D space.

UNL CSE-Pierobon Logo
UNL CSE-Pierobon

Build the design platform for a completely novel breed of electrical circuits that are based on synthetic biology and that directly interface with electronics to cause a particular type of biochemical reactions in biological cells involved in the exchange of electrons, or redox, which may lead to radical transformation including human health, sustainability, energy, security, and food.

UNL CSE-Ramamurthy Logo
UNL CSE-Ramamurthy

Design and develop an architecture of software that integrates genetic, phenotypic and environmental data collected across the US to predict the adaptive abilities of corn to changes in climate.

UNL CSE-Sharif Logo
UNL CSE-Sharif
Eye Tracking

Develop a technical interviewing software system, including eye tracking, a web interface and reporting in order to document where people are looking while solving the tasks assigned to them during the interview.

UNL CSE-Vuran Logo
Wireless Testbed

Enhance the machine/deep learning and cloud computing of a city-wide wireless network testbed.

UNL CSE-Wolf Logo
Smart Home System

Develop a smart home system and caring data analytics for long-term care of people with special needs using Internet-of-Things, networking, databases, and computer vision technologies.

UNL Dept of Agronomy and Horticulture Logo
UNL Dept of Agronomy and Horticulture
Invasive Species

Develop a platform for real-time assessments of invasive species impacts and trade-offs for informing conservation policy and improving environmental outcomes in Nebraska and beyond.

UNMC-College of Public Health Logo
UNMC-College of Public Health
Healthy Eating App

Develop a mobile app to measure the adoption and implementation of healthy eating and active living policies and practices in family child care homes.

UNMC-Munroe-Meyer Institute Logo
UNMC-Munroe-Meyer Institute

Develop a series of independent virtual reality minigames that are designed to treat movements that are difficult for individuals with Cerebral Palsy.

USDA-NRCS of Nebraska Logo
USDA-NRCS of Nebraska
Wetland Delineation

Build a sophisticated database attribute tool that works within the ArcMap mapping software. This tool will facilitate easy entry of landscape information, learn the preferences of each team member, perform calculations, and ultimately automate much of the data entry process to ensure a small team functions efficiently.

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