Wired for success
Wired for success

Go Big

Featuring world-class facilities, a groundbreaking curriculum and renowned faculty members, we’re one of the country’s top computer science and engineering programs — including top-five in software engineering.

We invest about $5 million each year to conduct state-of-the-art research in software engineering, informatics and systems. This creates opportunities for graduate students to work with faculty on innovative projects, while getting paid. Our teaching and research assistantships include a payment of tuition and health insurance. Our Game Developers Club exposes students to the latest in video gaming, including development competitions.

After graduating with an M.S. or Ph.D., our graduates get jobs — usually, before they even graduate — or go on to teach at other prestigious colleges and universities.

Graduate Student Life in
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Graduate Student


Thank you for considering application to the Computer Science Graduate Program. We are a competitive program, looking for motivated applicants eager to pursue research opportunities with our faculty.

While applicants don't require a bachelor's degree in computer science, they are required to have key mathematics and computer science knowledge.


60% Over 60% of graduate students are supported
$20,000 Minimum annual stipend received
Tuition Waiver Up to 12 credit hours each semester


Over 60% of our Graduate students are awarded a teaching assistantship, a research assistantship, or a fellowship. Supported students receive an annual stipend of between $20,000.00 and $21,600.00 annually, a full tuition waiver for up to 12 credit hours, and have almost 80% of their student health insurance premium covered.

Graduate teaching assistantships are awarded by the department on a competitive basis. New students are awarded teaching assistantships based on the qualifications of the applicant. Students in the program are awarded graduate teaching assistantships on the basis of performance in the program.

Graduate research assistantships are made available by faculty to students, who are chosen to collaborate on one or more of their research projects. Over 60 graduate research assistantships - nearly 50% of our graduate student body - were awarded in Spring 2015.

For information the various TA and RA positions open in the CSE Department, contact Shelley Everett, the Graduate Secretary.