Scholarships & Aid
Scholarships & Aid
48% of new freshmen in 2012-13 received a scholarship from the university
75% of University of Nebraska–Lincoln new freshmen receive scholarships and/or gift aid toward payment of their tuition.
34% of full-time University of Nebraska–Lincoln students receive financial gift aid equal to or greater than the cost of tuition.

Applying for Financial Aid

Prospective Students

Applying for all university, college and departmental scholarships is part of the application for admission. No additional steps are needed, you will be considered for any scholarships you qualify for. However, don't miss the application deadline. In addition students also have various other financial aid options available, visit the financial aid office for more information.

Office of financial aid

Current Undergraduate Students

Submit the completed application online by February 1. Email Jenna Huttenmaier if you have any questions on scholarships and supporting materials required for certain scholarships.

1  Log into your MyRED account and click 'Scholarship application for current undergraduate students.'

2  Include all required and optional material. Contact Jenna if you have questions on supporting material.

3  Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Current Graduate Students

Several graduate fellowships are awarded by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. Application procedures can be found by visiting the Office of Graduate Studies.

Office of Graduate Studies

Scholarships available exclusively to Computer Science & Engineering majors

In addition to the scholarships offered by the University and the College of Arts & Science and the College of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering also makes available more than 20 scholarships annually to its majors.

First-Year Students:

The Mary E. and Elmer H Dohrmann Scholarship — Four recipients annually, more info ...

The Sandhills Publishing Scholarship — Up to five concurrent recipients, renewed annually, more info ...

Computer Science Day Scholarship — Six recipients annually, more info...

Upper-Class Students:

The Cecilia Daly Scholarship — Awarded annually, more info...

Earle W. Schweiger, Jr. Memorial Scholarship — Awarded annually, more info...

The Garmin Computer Engineering Scholarship — Three concurrent recipients, renewed annually, more info...

Graduate Students:

David A. Klarner Fellowship for Computer Science — Up to two concurrent recipients, more info...

Mary E. and Elmer H. Dohrmann Fellowship Fund — Up to five concurrent recipients, more info...