Hoppe inspiring new generation of computer scientists

Aug 16, 2019      By University Communication

Dana Hoppe
Dana Hoppe

Even as an undergraduate student, Dana is already inspiring a new generation of computer scientists.

Through creative and innovative curricula, he's finding new ways to help younger students understand the processes and concepts of the growing field of computer science. He's always brainstorming new immersive ideas that will help early high school students understand what really goes into being a computer scientist — and in the past he's used drones, topography or art composition to do it.

He was one of the first Innovation Fellows, a global partnership that connects students with Beyond School Bells to create and disperse curriculum for elementary and middle school students. Then he became an after-school club leader through the university's Honors program, co-designed activities for the Nebraska College Preparatory Academy, and now is starting his senior year by piloting STEM and arts-based curriculum in the Lincoln Public Schools system this fall through Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience.

Though juggling his passion for education alongside his classes and extracurriculars might be daunting at times, Dana is always reminded that he has a network of professors and alumni there to help. "I like Nebraska because I've found that there's so much support for what I'm doing," Dana said.