Setting up a VPN connection to campus

Some websites and servers are secured by a firewall that only allows connections from on campus. To access these restricted resources from off campus, you will need a VPN connection. Most students don't have access to systems that aren't available from off campus, so a VPN connection is rarely ever needed by students.

Information Technology Services now operates a VPN service for faculty, staff and students. More information about their service is available at

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How do I register my wireless device? (Students, Faculty, and Staff)

The wireless network on campus is managed by Information Technological Servies. Visit their wireless page and click on the "Register Your Device" button to register your wireless device. You will need to use your My.UNL ID which is the login ID used on campus to access Canvas and the campus Active Directory services.

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Visitor Registration for University Wireless Network

Visitors wishing to utilize the university's wireless network must register their device prior to connecting to the network. A device could be a laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, or anything else with a wireless network card.  There is no limit to the number of devices that can be registered, and there is no charge for wireless network access.

Visitor registrations are valid for 90 days. If you have registered as a visitor before and the system will not let you register again, please contact the Information Services Computer Help Center toll-free at (866) 472-3970.

Faculty, staff, and students should not register devices as a visitor, as registrations will be dropped for devices found to belong to university personnel.  Further, once a visitor registration expires, it cannot be re-registered. University personnel should log in to the registration page with their My.UNL (Canvas) credentials to register their devices.

Register a Device Before Coming to Campus

Individuals planning to visit the university can register a new device by going to and clicking the link under the "Visitor registration" heading.  We encourage visitors to do this prior to their arrival because devices will not have any network access until registered.

The registration process will ask for the computer's MAC/Hardware Address. Make sure to enter the address for the computer's wireless card (usually labeled as the Physical Address under "Wireless LAN Adapter Network Connection") and not the "Ethernet Adapter". Individuals who are not sure how to find the physical address for their computer's wireless card can contact the Information Services Computer Help Center toll-free at (866) 472-3970.

Registering a Device While on Campus

If a visitor has not registered their device before arriving on campus, he/she can connect to the "UNL-Wireless-Registration" SSID (wireless network) from their device.  Once connected to "UNL-Wireless-Registration", open a web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) and you should be redirected to the Wireless Registration page. 

Click the Accept button at the bottom of the Connect page, then click the link under the "Visitor registration" heading.  From the Registration Menu page, click the red "Register a card" link and enter your personal information.  When asked for a "Hardware address", click the "Find my current MAC address" button, and then click the "Next" button once your MAC address appears in the text box. 

Connecting to the Wireless Network

After you have completed the registration process, wait 10 minutes, disconnect from the "UNL-Wireless-Registration" and then connect to either "UNL-AIR" or "UNL-AIR-E".  UNL-AIR is a public network that is not encrypted, and is the easiest to connect to after a device has been registered.  UNL-AIR-E requires the following shared credentials to encrypt network traffic:

  • Username:  unlwireless
  • Password:  encrypted

To connect to UNL-AIR-E without entering the shared credentials and configuring a security certificate, connect to UNL-AIR first and then go to and follow the instructions to be migrated automatically from UNL-AIR to UNL-AIR-E.

UNL-Guest Network for Short Term Guests

A new alternative to registering the MAC address for wireless devices is to use the dedicated "UNL-Guest" SSID instead of connecting to "UNL-AIR" or "UNL-AIR-E". Campus visitors can select the "UNL-Guest" network SSID and input their name, email address, and mobile phone number. An access code is then sent instantly via text message (SMS) and email to the mobile device to grant the individual access to the network. Each access credential expires after seven days. Visitors may re-register to extend their access. The UNL-Guest network allows outbound access to public internet sites, while limiting access to UNL domains. More information is available at

eduroam (Education Roaming) Network for Visitors from Participating Educational Institutions

Visitors from other participating educational institutions can access the university's wireless network by connecting to the "eduroam" SSID (instead of connecting to "UNL-AIR", "UNL-AIR-E", or "UNL-Guest") and signing in with their institution's single sign on credentials. More information is available at

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