CSE Student Named to Franco’s List

Nov 23, 2016      By Victoria Grdina

Colton Harper
Colton Harper

Computer science student Colton Harper was named to “Franco’s List” at an awards ceremony on Nov. 16.

Franco’s List, named after Juan Franco, vice chancellor for student affairs, recognizes about 30 University of Nebraska–Lincoln students every semester who have demonstrated exceptional citizenship in their college careers. Colton was nominated by advisor Ann Koopmann for his involvement and leadership within so many CSE student organizations, including CSE Ambassadors. 

“Colton is one of those top-shelf students who really thinks beyond himself,” Koopmann said. “Caring, compassionate, dependable—all of those things describe him. It was kind of an easy nomination.”

Franco's List students are selected for their commitment to living in accordance with the six “Show Your Red” building blocks of integrity: citizenship, dependability, commitment, respect, open-mindedness and care. All of the recipients were nominated by a university community member and selected by the Character Council.

Koopmann also said she was impressed by Harper’s commitment to the CSE Ambassadors program, a new student organization dedicated to giving back to the community through computing. Harper played a key role in creating a grant proposal that the CSE Ambassadors were awarded last week.  

“He’s really kind of been the movement behind this Ambassadors program, and the goal of the Ambassadors program is to go out and do good,” Koopmann said. 

In addition to being named to Franco’s List, Harper is actively involved in the MBite Lab, CSE’s Student Advisory Board, and the university’s Center for Civic Engagement, where he serves as a teaching assistant for a Pepsi Service Scholars course. Harper is also a McNair Scholar, CSE Ambassador, and iGEM team member. 

Harper said all of the organizations he’s been involved in have instilled in him at least one of the six defining character traits that earned him the award.

“Integrity and having good character is always something I strive to have, and so it is an honor to be identified as such,” Harper said. “This is the same award Sam Foltz received, and it’s an honor to also receive that.”

Congratulations to Colton Harper! We thank him for his exceptional efforts and contributions to our department.