CSE faculty, staff, students win annual awards

May 01, 2019      By Victoria Grdina

The 2019 CSE Award winners.
The 2019 CSE Award winners.

Outstanding Computer Science and Engineering faculty, staff, and students were honored at the annual CSE Awards ceremony on April 25.

Here is a full list of our winners: 

Outstanding Undergraduate (CS) Senior Award: Bethany Hage

Outstanding Undergraduate (CE) Senior Award: Tyler Barker

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Teaching Award: Karl Shaffer, Zachary Warneke

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Research Award: Liam Kruse

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: Shideh Mehr, Sarah Roscoe, Xia Yi

Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award: Deepak Nadig, Ajay Shankar

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award: Shruti Daggumati, Robert Woodward

Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (Undergraduate level): Christopher Bourke

Student Choice Outstanding Teaching Award (Graduate level): Stephen Scott

Outstanding Administrative Staff Award: Shelley Everett, LaRita Lang, Matt Wagenheim

Outstanding Technical Staff Award: Scott Chaffin, Kyle Conway, Jacob Hogberg  

Department Recognition Award: Deb Heckens